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Serving Families, Widows and Widowers, and Small Business Owners

David Nielsen believes that everyone, whether it’s a family, individual, business, or charitable organization, needs a plan. With a commitment to serving others as a steward and in a way that honors the Lord, he provides comprehensive financial services to clients in his home states of Illinois and Wisconsin, as well as Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

A large majority of David’s clients are business owners, widows and widowers, and families. With each client, he takes the time to develop customized strategies for each client based on their needs and goals in life.

Small Business Owners

As a former small business owner immersed in the millwork industry, David understands the difficulties of running a business and determining an appropriate retirement plan that meets the needs of the employees. He relies on his experiences and financial education to work with small business owners, helping them establish business continuation plans, company-sponsored retirement plans, and group insurance plans.

Many of these small business owners own companies that employ between 10 and 50 people, or are entrepreneurs with a handful of employees. The small business owners with which David works range in industries, but include manufacturing, engineering, architecture, accounting, and sales.

Widows and Widowers

David believes the bereaved is one of most vulnerable groups of investors. Sensitive to their situation, he seeks to let these clients grieve in their own way and proceed only when they are ready. He offers education to them and their families regarding financial matters with the goal of helping them feel comfortable and confident in their decision making. Additionally, David can assist the widow or widower in organizing paperwork, from balancing a checkbook to entire financial statements. Whether it’s housing, healthcare, budgeting, or investing, David seeks to bring a sense of stability to the process.


In working with families, David’s goal is to guide them to crystallize their goals, offer insight into what money is, and help each family member establish appropriate financial habits. Over the years, David assisted families with a wide array of financial planning strategies, whether it’s budgeting for a vacation, finding suitable investments for college, purchasing a new home, preparing for retirement, or estate planning issues. David seeks to act as an objective third party who is willing to listen as each individual relates their experiences and expresses their desires.