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Christian Financial Planning

As a Christian dedicated to serving others, David Nielsen seeks to infuse Biblical principles into his advising. In providing comprehensive financial planning services, he constructs plans based on the individual needs and objectives of clients. His goal is to help clients organize, evaluate, and utilize their financial resources to define and achieve their life goals. In developing strategies, he incorporates the following eight parts:

Cash Flow Analysis. David identifies areas of debt reduction, budget planning, or establishing savings programs, both personal and for business.

Goal Setting. Unless clearly written down, goals tend to remain just ideas. David helps the client write down and track his or her goals, including financial and emotional costs.

Personal Net-Worth Analysis. David assists with benchmarking clients’ balance sheets (assets minus liabilities) with the goal of helping them see their net worth more clearly.

Income Tax Analysis & Reduction. David aims to conduct a thorough examination of clients’ current tax scenarios to help minimize one’s tax liability. He also identifies and helps create opportunities to redirect cash flow savings into clients’ retirement accounts.

Education Planning. It’s no small task these days to pay for a college education. David can calculate the monthly savings or lump-sum investment needed to meet clients’ individual goals, as well as help clients select an education plan to save for a future educational goal.

Retirement Projections. David can help clients answer the question, “How am I doing?” and, perhaps even more important, “What more can I do?” David assists with evaluating clients’ current retirement savings and determining alternative strategies that may help ensure greater financial security throughout retirement. In developing retirement projects, he seeks to help clients address and answer the question, “What are you going to do in retirement to use the gifts and talents that you have?”

Insurance Needs Analysis. David seeks to help clients determine a suitable insurance coverage level and identify possible areas for savings.

Estate Planning. David can help clients determine what to do when a person dies, as well as identify estate planning solutions that may maximize the clients’ transfer of wealth and control and minimize taxes.

David is available to meet in-person in his Cary, Illinois; Dunbar, Wisconsin; or Vicksburg, Mississippi offices, or via the phone, conference call, or Skype. To learn more about his services or to set up an appointment, contact him today.